How to deal with a moody man or partner?

How To Live With A Moody Man, Boyfriend, Husband or Partner? We are not talking about clinically depressed men or men who feel sad because something really dreadful happened to them. We are talking about men who yell over a missing sock, a dish not well-done, or who refuse to talk, or those who a lot and drink the night away. We are talking about the men in our lives – father, brother or husband.

Moody men. They can ruin our day or our life but only if we allow them. To keep our sanity and continue living happily with such men, we need to know some of the things that men make crabby:

1.Work. Since men consider themselves as breadwinners and competitors, when something goes wrong at work, they’re completely blind to all the other good things in life.

2.Money. Men measure their value in the amount of money they have in their possession. Thus, pay days or a paycheck cause a temporary high but each value subsequently spent lowers their self-esteem and can lead to moodiness and bad language.

3.Interruptions. Anything that interferes with moody men’s schedule ruin their mood. They feel that time not spent working is theirs to use as they see fit, which means whatever they feel like doing at any moment.

4.Cars that don’t work. Men look at their cars as their loyal sidekick. Thus, when the car is sick, they grieve and fret.

5.Feeling sleepless or sick. Losing a night’s sleep could knock irritable men to their knees. And a moody man who is sick makes it difficult for those who take care of him.

There could be other reasons that make men crabby depending on their temperament and the circumstances they find themselves in. Scientific studies have shown that men are good in crisis, but in the long run, women can take more strain and stress. In emotional situations, women are the ones who pull things through.

Moody behavior in men are manifested in three ways, namely, not talking about the problem and reacting to a problem by complaining about other things. Certain problems have solutions and each requires a separate strategy.

Refusing To Talk. First, ask him the following questions: -Does it have to do anything with me?’ and then ‘Is there anything I can do?’ If neither of these questions pries his jaws open and he’s enjoying being alone with his gloomy thoughts, that’s your signal to split, either physically or mentally.

Talking a lot. When a man launches into a long, whining monologue by identifying the problem and all its ramifications, listen. Chances are he is just weighing the important decisions and the pros and cons. But when this goes on for days, it is time to grab control of the situation and tell him to stop talking about it and do something about it.

Complaining endlessly. The best way to deal with this kind of situation with men is through humor. Just don’t take it so seriously within yourself and talk to him the nice way and tell him it is not your fault.

There are two simple ways to deal with a moody man. One is to keep away from fighting, it will only escalate the problem. Second is to save yourself from being dependent on his mood for your own happiness. When a moody man is a lifetime commitment, certain adjustments must be made. The key to survival is to acknowledge his right mood, keep a distance when times are rough and dig deep into your own reserves of energy, friends and interests.

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